New and available from summer, Bespoke by Burlington

New and available from summer 2020, Bespoke by Burlington is a unique collection of hand-decorated and coloured ceramics. Offering a new level of customisation in bathroom design, the exciting collection draws inspiration from the decorated and coloured ceramics of historical eras.

Made to order by skilled craft workers in Staffordshire, England, using the finest materials, the collection is presented on a selection of Burlington’s best-selling Edwardian basins and WCs. Marking a significant moment for the company, Bespoke by Burlington places the brand at the forefront of modern-day bathroom design, whilst remaining true to its historic traditional influences and style.


FLORAL: Presented across four diverse hand-illustrated designs, the Floral range of decorated pieces expresses various ways of incorporating nature into the traditional bathroom.


ART DECO: Characterised by the unmistakable shapes and colours synonymous with the 1920s, the Art Deco collection will add a statement to any house.


FAVOURITE PLACES: From iconic landmarks to the peaceful seaside, the Favourite Place collection allows you to bring a traditional twist to your bathroom with a choice of designs.


COLOURS: Inspired by bold shades and vintage colour palettes, Confetti Pink, Alaska Blue and Moon Grey introduce a contemporary twist to traditional ceramics.


LETTERING: Bespoke Lettering offers the ultimate opportunity for personalisation; choose between three lettering styles for a truly unique bathroom.


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