5 ways to a more eco-friendly bathroom

The best modern bathrooms embrace beauty, function and sustainability, helping you save water, energy and money. From low flow taps to LED lights, making this intimate space more eco-friendly has never been easier, says A1 Bathrooms & Kitchens founder, Mark Hayman-Start.


Go low flow

Water efficient taps and showerheads can lower your water usage without compromising on your hand washing or shower experience. Some, such as VADO’s Atmosphere products use air-injection technology to make the water flow feel far higher than it is and softer on the skin.

We love: VADO’s H2Eco flow regulators

“Replacing an inefficient shower head with a water efficient one can shave more than £100 off your water bills”


Go for dual flush

Installing a modern toilet with a dual-flush cistern is an easy way to save water and slash your energy bills. Available with a flush volume of 6 or 4 litres and half flush of 3 or 2 respectively, dual flush loos use roughly 50% less water than older toilet models. Change that loo today!

We love: GROHE flush actuation plates that can be fixed horizontally or vertically to complement your tiling scheme


Choose to reuse

Baths made from recycled materials help reduce the amount of plastic waste entering landfill. Some, such as the Cleargreen baths we stock at A1 Bathrooms & Kitchens even help you conserve water by utilising recycled materials that keep the bath water hotter for longer.

We love: Cleargreen baths retain heat for up to 30 minutes longer than a standard bath


Switch to LED

LED lights are ultra long lasting and use 90% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. They can also be fitted with a PIR motion sensor so the lights come on and go off automatically when you enter or exit the room. LED lights come in a range of colour temperatures, from cool white to a flattering warm-white illumination perfect for everyday bathroom tasks.

We love: LED plinth lights can add mood lighting to a bathroom


Turn it off

Basin taps deliver around 8 litres of water a minute so turn off taps when brushing teeth, shaving or washing your face. You could also invest in a tap with an infra-red sensor that automatically switches off the water after use. Don’t forget to fix that dripping tap either. A constantly dripping tap will lose around 90 litres of water a week

We love: VADO I-tech touch-free taps switch off the water after use